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At CaraCo Property Management, it is within our mission to ensure your home supports green and responsible living. All our buildings participate in a comprehensive recycling and organics/Green Bin program to reduce landfill waste. In our ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we use low flow plumbing fixtures, ENERGY STAR and energy efficient appliances, and are currently transitioning to LED bulbs in all our buildings, which consume 75% less energy. Furthermore, the majority of our elevators feature a regenerative drive, conserving energy for subsequent use and diminishing excess heat, allowing them to operate more efficiently. Our dedicated service team diligently changes filters, and updates and maintains equipment to decrease energy usage and maximize efficiency. We also prioritize using eco-friendly ice melt during winter and, when feasible, low-VOC paint. Complementing our green initiatives, CaraCo Property Management offers bicycle parking and parking spaces equipped with EV charging stations at every property. Taking our commitment a step further, we have proudly transitioned one of our service vehicles to a fully electric van, significantly cutting down on fossil fuel emissions.